Pi is the simplest app in iOS

Pi is the simplest.

Pi is the app to send an email automatically by just launching.
What you do is to tap the Pi button.
The email only includes your location information, no texts.
Once you decide the meaning of the message with whom you send it to,
Pi becomes a signed message only between two of you.
Use Pi and save your time!

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The signed message can be...

"I'm leaving", "I'm here", "Please come pick me up", put these messages Let's send "Pi"

You will be surprised to this simplicity.

normal mode

Pi can also send a SOS message!

Just one swipe and you can automatically send a SOS message. The SOS message includes a word 'SOS' and your location information.

You have little time to write a text message when you are in an emergency. Let your family or friend know first that something has happend to you.

SOS mode

What messages do you put into Pi?

  • "I'm leaving," a dad says from his workplace.
  • "Call me if you need anything from a supermarket," a mom says from a supermarket.
  • "I'm here," a son says from his friend's house.
  • "Please come pick me up," a daughter says from her school.

Message to impart to Pi is up to you.
Usage is infinite.

Please write reviews and share your original signed message with us!

Who is friend to convey?

Question 1 Is he or she your family?
Question 2 Does he or she wait for you to come home?
Question 3 Is he or she your girlfriend/boyfriend?
  1. YES
  2. NO --> What is your situation? Please write reviews and share with us!
Question 4 Do you cook for him or her?
Question 5 Does he or she take medicine?
  1. YES
  2. NO --> What is your situation? Please write reviews and share with us!

If you're a dad...

Use Pi instead of making the text message of "I'm leaving my workplace to go back home."
Let your family know in advance that you will send a Pi message when your work is done.
You can save the effort of making a text message every after work.

If you're a mom...

Sending Pi from a supermarket => "Let me know if there is anything you want from this supermarket for dinner tonight."
In this situation, you can avoid your family from being upset by not serving food of what they want.

If you're a grandpa or granma...

Don’t keep yourself away from using apps. What you do is just one tap!
Once you decide to send the Pi messages regularly to your family, he or she can tell that something has happened to you when not receiving Pi from you at a set time.
Pi also have a SOS mode so that you can easily let her know that you are in an emergency.

If you're in a couple...

Pi can be the one of tools to express your love.
You can tell your partner using Pi that you were just thinking of him or her.
Since the Pi message include your location information, you can simply tell your partner where you are.

If your take medicine...

Have you forgotten taking medicine at a set time?
Use Pi to let someone know that you have taken medicine.
With no effort, you can prevent yourself from taking medicine by checking with the person you send iti to.

Please write reviews and share your original signed message with us!

Daily usage

1. Launch the app

That's it! no other operations are required.
Pi then starts the countdown of three and automatically sends your emssage when it gets to zero.

How to Use SOS

1. Launch the app

2.Swipe the screen

Then the screen will switch to red from green.

  • TIPS Close the app to cancel the transmission
  • TIPS Tap the middle of the screen to skip the countdown and immediately send Pi
Q. How does the SOS mode differ from the daily usage?

A1. The SOS message includes not only your location information but also the message of 'SOS'. (your may change the message)

A2. We will offer you to be able to send images and emergency contact numbers in the future.

When an emergency like disaster occurs, please take actions first to ensure the safety of your own by escaping from the dangerous place, hiding under the desk, and so on. After that, please launch the app for help.

The messages you send will be placed in your Outbox.
If you do not want it, we recommend you to use a different email address which you don't often use.

Initial setting

1. Enter your email address

Since a message you send will be saved in your Outbox, it is recommended to use a dedicated email address for Pi.

Do you know that all iPhone users have iCloud.com? If not using yet, why don't you start using iCloud for Pi?


Some carrier email address cannot be used depending o your usage plans.
For more information, plase contact to your carrier.

Mail Setting 1 Enter from email address

2. Enter password

If items are input automatically, enter a password and tap the 'Next' button.
If some times have not been done, please fill in all required items as much as possible.
Please contact us if you have any questions.

Mail Setting 2 Enter password and set server settings

3. Enter a recipient email address

It is recommended to use a carrier email address since it is compatible for push notification to receive your message in real time.
You can also register a different email address besides the carrier email.


The email address of docomo is not compatible for push notifications. Please use a different email address.

Mail Settings 3 Enter recipient email address

4. Confirm the contents

Please confirm you and a recipient email address once again and tap the 'Start' button.

Mail Settings 4 Confirm settings

TIPS Recommended Email Address are as follows
Your Email Address
A Recipient Email Address
For Carrier-mail User...
  • @ezweb.ne.jp
  • @softbank.ne.jp
For iPhone User...
  • @icloud.com

Note 1

To receive Pi in real time, a recipient must turn the Push ON on his or her phone.

Settings of Push Notification 0 Tap to Mail,Contacs,Calendars

Settings of Push Notification 1 Tap to Fetch New Data

Settings of Push Notification 2 Change to Enable. Change to Push.

Images for iCloud

Note 2

If you are using Gmail, you may not send Pi depending on your security settings. Please enalbe 'Allowing less secure apps to access your account' or '2-Step Verification' on Google Security - Account Settings

Setting google security account

Q. My friend can not receive my Pi messages.

A. If you registered the non-carrier email as a recipient email address at the initial setting, please make sure the Push is ON on your friend's phone. Otherwise, your friend needs to cheek his or her Inbox everytime.

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